We were commissioned by Hartman Garden Furniture to create a series of instructional films showing how easy it is to care for your garden furniture. Presented by TV gardener David Domoney, the series shows the viewer in just a couple of simple steps, you can return your furniture to peek condition.

Our Approach

We wanted to show how simply and easily it was to care for Hartman garden furniture. We shot the films in real time to convey this message and added some simple camera moves to increase visual interest and production value. Using a well versed presenter helped immensely with production and added a much needed conversational tone. We also added a simple music bed to help convey the ease of the task.

We also created a set of colour coded animated intro’s that match the colour categories depicted on the clients website and literature.


Package type : Go to

Pre-production time : 2 days

Filming time : 1 day

Post production time : 1 week

Usage : Displayed online,  exhibitions and the companies website

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