Tidy trax wanted a film making to commemorate their final 3 day dance event. We first worked with Tidy in 2004 so we were very happy to be commissioned to film their last weekend dance event in Southport. We were asked to capture the mood and feeling of attending the event and deliver a short film to excite and engage clubbers.

Our Approach

Using a two man team we covered all of the three day dance event. We were given free rein to edit the footage down to an engaging, concise and exciting promotional film. We wanted to show the breadth of DJ’s, live acts and entertainment available at the event as well as show how involved and happy the attending clubbers were. We also created the opening credits and sound mix.


Package type : Bespoke

Pre-production time : 1 day

Filming time : 3 days

Post production time : 1 week

Usage : Displayed online

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