We were approached by a company in the care sector to come up with a new concept to advertise apprenticeships, they had no plan other than it needed to be different. We suggested showing the people who work in care and their hobbies. Focusing on the overlap between social and work time we created a suite of videos showwing different hobbies.

Our Approach

We wanted to show a different side to the people who work in care so we showed how what they do in their social time can both effect and be effected by their job in social care. We shot many different films including a runner, a member of a metal band as well as a person who liked to race cars in their spare time. We successfully showed how a job in the care sector can enhance what they like to do in their spare time.




Package type : Bespoke

Pre-production time : Around 4 weeks

Filming time : 2 days

Post production time : around 8 weeks

Usage : Displayed online and at employment fairs.


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