If video is the big thing today, then live streaming will be the big thing tomorrow.

Get ahead of your competion by streaming your next seminar, presentation or training day.


Here at fresh mint films, we are always looking for ways to help our clients reach a bigger audience with minimal outlay. We have always achived this with high quality films but now is the time to bring our clients on the exciting journey of live streaming.

Streaming product launches, seminars, training sessions or conferences is an amazing way to build interection with your clients and privide you with vast amounts of content to keep your website and social media active, up to date and fresh which not only cements your relationships with existing clients but increases your reach and visibility with new clients.

Live streaming can be quite daunting but luckily we are here to take that pain away and leave you to get on with what you do best, connecting with your clients.

Our unbundled pricing structure allows you to add the services you require as and when you need them making sure you get all the features you need and not wasting money on services which you don’t. We can stream to all of the major platforms, to your website and even make your streams pay per view.

Live streaming starting at just £499

With prices starting at less that £500 can you afford not to contact us?

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