Late last year we received our much anticipated Sony FS7 4K camera. After several weeks of testing to make sure we understood how to get the best out of the camera I used it to film my first 4K case study and the completed film was received really well. Just before Christmas I had the opportunity to test out a few more of it’s features as I accompanied two DJ’s to the Tidy Christmas Ball in Sheffield. There were two reasons for me being there, the first was to really push the new camera and explore its abilities in low light and also to test out the slow motion capabilities. The second reason was to create some stock footage of the duo to use on a future project.

Inside the nightclub was very dark, so dark in fact that as a test I shot a little video with my iPhone 6 and it was pretty much solid black so I was amazed at the FS7’s ability to see into the darkness with relative ease. When it came to shooting slow motion footage you actually have to shoot many more frames per second to enable you to slow it down later, this has the effect of reducing the available light hitting the sensor per frame so you have to turn up the sensitivity to match exposures. Once again I was amazed at what this camera was able to achieve.

The Sony FS7 is now our main camera which is able to shoot HD and 4K footage at normal frame rates, HFR and slow motion.

The following sample footage is a collection of the slow motion shots.

Slow motion samples from the Sony FS7 was last modified: January 27th, 2015 by Martyn