We can help you to harness the power of corporate film and video production for your business.

We are a Midlands-based creative video production company, helping businesses of all sizes to engage with customers in a way that looks amazing, but costs much less than traditional advertising.

Corporate film and video is now the hottest topic on the internet and the most effective way for your company to reach out to your customers and the best news is once your film is online, it costs you nothing to get your message out to your potential clients. Google itself has added a specific video tab and the second largest search engine is (and has been for a while) YouTube.

The great news is that video costs less than you think

We offer a range of pricing packages for those who are new to corporate video and a bespoke service for more advanced films

It was quite by accident that I found Fresh Mint Films and the lovely Martyn Greswolde. From our first telephone conversation he was on my wavelength and after our initial meeting I knew he was the guy to put the Jump into Jump Trampolines.
From my preliminary thoughts Martyn helped me to put my thoughts into practice.  The whole shoot, which was for our new project Jump Trampolines endorsed by Tom Daley, was a huge success. Professional, fun to work with and knowlegable.  We had a great day thanks to Martyn and his team.
After the video shoot Martyn listened to my thoughts and made changes and tweaked to give us the great visual videos that we have on the website.
I shall be using Fresh Mint Films again!
Gina Hinde

Marketing & Communications Manager, Jump Trampolines & Hartman outdoor products




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We have worked with many companies and organisations from small independent companies right through to large multi-national companies but our work ethic remains constant, “Deliver the best film to achieve best outcome for our clients”
About us
We are Fresh Mint Films, we have been established since 2011 (we were called Smoking Chilli back then) Originally based in Wolverhampton, we re-located to Penkridge, just outside Stafford in April 2014 as we had outgrown our premises. Since our conception we have helped many businesses and individuals reach out to their clients and fans through film. We have been commissioned to film adverts, case studies, corporate films, events, promotional web spots as well as a music video or two.

Meet our team



Favorite film : Blade Runner

I founded Fresh Mint films in 2011, I am skilled at all areas of film making, I’m the principal director, camera man, editor and colourist for the company. Depending on the commission, I hand over some areas to other people in the team to maximise their skills and ultimately deliver you the best film we can.


Favourite film - 2001: A Space Odyssey

Paul is our additional camera operator, Sound assistant and our Lighting technician. He has worked in the film industry for over 20 years.


Favourite film - Driving Miss Daisy

Richard is our dedicated sound engineer. He has worked along side many great bands making them sound fantastic (and loud)
Additional crew

Additional crew

We have access to many other professions and can call on their expertise if your commission requires it. We have access to script writers, Lighting technicians, marketers. Basically anything that we can not deal with in house, we can arrange for you.
We have created our corporate video prices specifically to help those of you who may not have commissioned a film or video before and to help you progress from a simple product or service demonstration, right through to a bespoke commission.

Lets discuss your film, your ideas, your business

Why not give us a call or drop us an email to talk through your project, you never know, we may just be able to help.


There may be a lot of things in our packages that you don’t quite understand We have compiled a list of the most commonly asked questions here.
This greatly depends on what your film is for. For a basic introduction to a product or service half a day is usually adequate where as a case study tends to take a day to film and an advert or sales film usually takes 2-3 days to film. We have included details of pre-production, filming and post production timescales on the Our Work page
Multi camera shoots are best when we are filming an interview, using multiple cameras allows us to switch between cameras cutting out any mistakes or pauses giving the effect of a much more fluid conversation. Multiple cameras are also a good idea when we are creating a corporate video as they allow us to work as two teams either capturing the same subject from different angles or even working independently. For a live event a minimum of two cameras is essential to allow the event to be edited down from the full length of the event into one more easily viewed.
It wasn’t long ago that most films were captured in standard definition. This was fine for lower resolution TV’s and monitors but in todays world of large screen TV’s and monitors and even retina display mobile devices this is simply not good enough. All of our films are captured at a minimum of 1080P HD resolution which is perfect for todays TV’s, monitors and web delivery. We also have the option to film in 4K which is 4 times the pixels of full HD, while this may seem an extravagance by todays standards, 4K TV’s and even higher resolution monitors have already started to gain traction with consumers. We have several different options when it comes to future proofing your film.

  • Film in 4K but edit and deliver in HD. This enables us to go back to the original footage at a later date and use that footage in new productions when 4K is more widely accepted.
  • Film and edit in 4K but deliver in HD. This enables us to recreate your film at 4K resolution at a later date if you decide it is needed.
  • Film and edit in 4K and deliver in both HD and 4K. This gives you the best of both worlds. You have a HD master and a 4K master so you can choose the most appropriate resolution for your delivery method.
  • Finally, you can have a fully 4K workflow, providing you with a pristine 4K master file.
Having a static camera is perfectly fine for a lot of films such as interviews and simple ‘talking heads’ but when you want to inject a higher production value to a film, camera movement is the simplest most cost effective way to do that. Moving the camera from side to side or ‘pushing in’ or ‘pulling out’ of a scene gives a feeling of depth, increasing the visual interest for viewers and allowing us to inject a more cinematic feel to your film.
Virtually all films have graphics included in some form or another. It may be a simple company logo at the beginning and end of a film or a graphic that appears at the bottom of the screen when a new person or product is introduced. We have a large collection of stock graphics we can include free of charge to help explain parts of your film but we also offer the option of creating custom graphics or animations to help lift the overall appeal and professionalism of your video.
Long enough to get your message across and no longer! Long videos tend to have viewers ‘drop off’ before the film has finished, often missing the call to action at the end of your piece. We always recommend keeping your film targeted and concise as possible. A typical introduction, wants to be under 2 minutes, ideally around 1 minute. Thats seems like a very short about of time but when you think most adverts you see are only 30 seconds you will see you can get a lot of information across in that time. Case studies and interviews tend to be a little longer as by their nature they are engaging to their audience, these tend to be between 2-4 minutes long. For a corporate video we go longer still, these typically range from 3-6 minutes depending on the message. Finally, presentations and events are the longest. As long as the information keeps flowing there is no ideal length for these films.
Writing a script can be a tricky thing to do. The information needs to be easy to understand and focused on the topic at hand as well as being easy to read for the presenter. We have found a lot of clients need a little help in this area so we have teamed up with an expert copywriter, experienced at writing scripts so if you do need help, we can offer it.
For some films, there is no presenter or interview on screen to pass on your message, this is when you need a voice over artist to record the information for you to pass on to your viewers while the film focuses on a product or event. We can record a professional voice over for you in house or if you have specific requirements, we can hire in other voice actors for the project.
Using music in films can be tricky. If you want to licence a specific music track that you have heard on the radio the cost can be upwards of £3000 luckily there is another option. Stock music is available ‘royalty free’ for use in films. We carry a large collection of pre-licenced music we can use or alternatively we have access to an even larger collection that can be licensed for your film from upwards of £49 per track.
We have very experienced sound recordists on our team that can cater for most eventualities but when the audio is the main part of the film we recommend hiring in a dedicated sound engineer. They have access to much more equipment than we carry and because there sole job on set is to record audio, you can expect the highest quality available.
During the creation of your film, we have multiple back ups of the footage. Once the video is completed, we archive a single copy that we can call upon should we need to revisit the project or use the footage in another project for you. One other option available to you is to purchase a backup disk. This disk contains all of the raw footage as well as the edit files and completed films for you to keep safe and if you ever wanted to re-edit the footage yourself you could do.
For our “off the shelf” packages (Fixed price starter & Fixed price full production) full payment is made at the time of booking.

For our bespoke quotes, 50% of the total is payable when booking and the remaining 50% is due either on delivery of the finished work or within 28 of delivery if credit has been agreed.

For the VIP club, the monthly instalment is taken automatically on the first of every month until cancelled. A minimum term of 12 months applies and we need 30 days notice to cancel the agreement after that.

No. VAT must be added to the quoted prices.

More questions?

If you are unsure which package is best for you, just get in contact, we are happy to talk through your project and offer our expert advice.
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